Ram S. Upadhayaya, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer & Founder

Dr. Upadhayaya is an experienced medicinal chemist with over 18 years of experience in drug design and development, especially in the areas of cell signal transduction protein kinase inhibitors and cancer research. Ram played leading roles in advancing small molecules from discovery to clinical stage. Prior to co-founding Ohm Oncology Therapeutics, Ram held senior research positions at Bioimics AB, Sweden, Uppsala university, Sweden, Institute of Molecular Medicine, Lupin Laboratories, Ranbaxy Laboratories, India. During these years, he led multiple drug development programs that have either been successfully acquired by, or partnered with, top tier multinational pharmaceutical/biotech companies. Ram has been the leading and/or co-inventors of more than 12 patents and patent applications and has co-authored more than 25 scientific publications. He brings to Ohm expertise in all stages of drug discovery and has been the driving force of the Ohm’s kinase- Epigenetics focused drug discovery platform.

About Us

Ohm Oncology has been established by drug development professionals with years of experience in the ‘bench to bed-side journey’ of a drug. Particularly, the team specializes in oncology and neoplasms with a vision to bring forth novel drugs for the management of treatment-refractory and difficult to treat cancers.

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